Aging Life Care Management Services

Aging Life Care Professionals® serve as guides, counselors, and advocates for those who are facing medical, emotional, legal, social, safety and/or financial issues associated with aging. Aging Life Care Managers® conduct a thorough assessment of a client’s current health and state of well-being and after identifying issues of concern, will develop a plan of care designed to resolve or alleviate these issues.

Services provided

  • Assessing a client’s physical, emotional, cognitive, and financial health as well as any safety concerns in the current living environment and any legal issues (advance directives, estate planning, etc.) that need addressing.
  • Developing, monitoring and helping implement a comprehensive plan of care that includes recommendations for a variety of resources to address issues raised in the assessment and following through to ensure the plan is being implemented to the client’s satisfaction
  • Serving as an advocate, documenter and jargon interpreter for clients at medical, legal and financial appointments
  • Working with families to provide guidance on how they can help their loved ones adjust to new realities
  • Act as a mediator if family members are in conflict about the best way to care for a loved one
  • Crisis intervention

When Aging Life Care Management makes sense

If you recognize a loved one is having increasing difficulty with the tasks of everyday living, is becoming more forgetful, is allowing bills to go unpaid, has little food in the house, has mood swings or is losing weight, these are signs they may need help. An Aging Life Care Manager is able to see the big picture and find the resources to help ensure your loved one is living life fully. For those who live far away from their loved one, a care manager is able to be their eyes and ears and ensure they are getting the help they need.

Aging Life Care Managers® are experts in the field of aging

People who have chosen Aging Life Care as a profession have done so because they are passionate about helping seniors live well as they age. Many started in the business after helping their own loved ones. They also pursued education and experience to be sure they were qualified to advise others. Their passion and expertise make them excellent resources when determining viable care options and services that will help seniors continue leading lives of purpose and dignity.